Symasi Dhuha Fondation

Symasi dhuha foundation was born out of gratitude for god’s unfathomable love and grace shining through a ‘disaster’ of ailment. An ailmentvis often perceived as a tragedy, but it can also transform as an extraordinary expression of god’s love and grace.
Symasi dhuha foundation form morning light to showing fresh optimism, zealous inspirations, and new hopes every morning for a better start of the a new day,,,,,,,,
Only few people know Lupus desease. To some, their direct involvement with this ailment, either as a patient or supporter, have been an experience too precious not to be told to fellow patient, doctors, nurses, or hospitals, and a wider public.

Lupus Patients go trough a dramatic change in their personal and family lives, which occasionally feel very hard to cope with. However, God the almighty Promises that we, His subjects, will not be tested beyond our capacity to bear.
Syamsi dhuha began from realizing the value of this experience. Initially Syamsi Dhuha, Through one of its programs ‘care for lupus’ seek to encourage the buddies of odapus (people living with lupus) and their families, through various activities that benefit communities beyond the lupus circle.

Symasi dhuha is moving forward to a higher salling. In line with its mission: As an Avenue of charity to attain joy in this world and beyond the earthly life’ syamsi dhuha aspires to give everyone, not just odapus, to give thanks for all the blessings god pour out upon our lives by getting involved in many activities that can benefit individuals and others.

Syamsi dhuha Fondation was established by notarial deed number 15 dated 11 october 2003 made be fore Dr. Wiratni Ahmadi, SH, Notary and has been legally validated based on the decision of the Minister of justice and Human Rights of the republic of Indonesia number C-186.HT.01.01.TH2004.

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