Mengapa Anakku Harus mengidap Lupus?

This book writing by Mrs. Inni Indarpuri which her daughter hit disease of Lupus,representing real story of struggle look for medication.This referred as competent experience " terror n trial " and make proper reading as hold for us which hit same disease or inspiration to patient of other chronic disease.its true that mother love as long as epoch, big so its struggle to strive recovering her daughter.Reading this book , I get many previous knowledge I don’t know at all before read it.As well as giving inspiration for me in order not to have hopelessly with decision of Allah of SWT,therefore I recommend this book to you read. 

For more information, just direct contact with writer, because I just have few information about where can get this book. hehheheh,,,,,,,,,,,

Writer: Inni Indarpuri (081350626565)
Title: Mengapa anakku Harus Mengidap Lupus?

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