Lupus "The Great Imitator"

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.First Clarification by name of lupus because red rash in cheek and around nose at many patient look like sign in wolf face.

Other clarification tell usage of word ' lupus' used former to explain disparity of husk. At century to 16 disparity of certain husk attributed to effect of wolf bite. In the year 1800, doctor name disparity of husk mentioned as ' erythematosus lupus'.

Initially this disease only considered to be disparity of ordinary husk, but in the year 1872 doctor realize that lupus do not only influencing husk but attacking body organ also. The condition by named disseminatos erythematosus lupus and first case have in documenting.

Systemic Lupus Erithematosus ( SLE) or more in recognizing Lupus represent disease of autoimun which hitting many organ ( husk, joint, kidney, lung, nerve formation center and other body organ) and give immeasurable symptom.

Lupus often conceiving of " The Great Imitator" or the excellent faker or disease a thousand face because its symptom often look like other disease.
Journey of disease of immeasurable lupus from light until weight / recurrence phase/ active/ eksaserbasi / flare with good phase / remisi.

Cause of lupus still not yet been found but some risk factor that is genetic, Hormone, and environmental Factor which estimated as cause drug, poison, sunshine and food. Lupus non is viral, germ, or bacterium and non contagion or generation..

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  1. Wah artikelnya banyak lupus yah...

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